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When first introduced this past year, the RC Trucks would be a hit using the bashing crowd. It were built with a 6S capable power system, lengthy travel suspension, along with a high-tech look. Not one's to relaxation on their own laurels, RC Trucks has upgraded the Typhon for 2016. The Typhon now has a Tactic radio system, new wheels, a brand new rear wing mount, along with a new power system. May be the 2016 form of the Typhon a real upgrade within the older unit? How quickly may be the new power system? Will it still party just like a champion? Scroll on lower to discover.

Primary Competition: There's lots of stiff competition within the eighth scale cheap RC Trucks class. A few of the primary challengers range from the ECX Revenge Type E, Connected RC8.2e RTR, Losi 8IGHT-E RTR, and also the HPI Vorza.

What's Required To Complete: Very little. You'll require a 4-6S LiPo battery with XT90 connectors to operate the Truck, a charger, and 4 AA cells for that transmitter.

Quality: Following a close inspection we didn't find any removed or loose screws, the apparatus mesh was in the actual ballpark, the shocks were correctly filled and never dripping, the servo saver was well set. The only real factor we observed could be that the ride height was set extremely low as they are (more about that later).

Set-up Notes: We ran the Typhon mostly stock, but did crank lower around the springs to attain a virtually bones level ride height and wound up ditching the stock XT90 connector in support of Castle 6.5mm models. For batteries, we used a MaxAmps 4S 6500 along with a FlightPower 6S 5500. Charging responsibilities were handled by our favorite chargers, a TrakPower VR-1.

Turning: We ran our battery pack within the far forward position and located the Typhon to possess a large amount of steering. The leading would only move on very clever surfaces, otherwise it stuck wherever pointed. The trunk did have a tendency to slide around a little, serving as whether it was slightly lower on side-bite. Overall, the Typhon was simple to go fast within the corners. You can go flying right into a corner, tap the brakes to wash speed and hang in the Truck, point the leading wheels wherever you desired these to go, then either pound the throttle and steer a little using the rear, or roll around the throttle in the corner apex and allow the rear freight-train the leading tires close to cohesion.

Jumping: When striking jumps as fast as possible on 4S, we found the Typhon tended to leap using its nose a little low. Should you be still attaining accelerate the face area it may be leaped level or perhaps nose high, however if you simply hit the face area already pinned, the nose would have a tendency to dip also it just didn't possess the revoltions per minute to create up. On 6S, there is lots of rip on tap, making the Truck simple to even out it doesn't matter how low, or high, the nose was. So far as the suspension goes, it did a pleasant job of handling landings on "normal" sized jumps, but would be a bit around the soft side for skyshot landings. The suspension also did a good job of disregarding ruts and bumps on jump faces.

Bumps/Whoops: As they are, the Typhon has relatively heavy damping in the shocks and it is slightly under sprung. This yields a suspension that packs a little too much within the whoops. With having said that, the Typhon can continue to hit a tough section as fast as possible and pound through. Whilst not the very best in the class over potholes, ruts, and braking bumps, the Typhon still takes care of an excellent job.

On-Road: The Typhon is really a upright animal in the pub. It may traction roll when turning as fast as possible, but doesn't get it done as much as a monster truck would, or perhaps other eighth scale buggies. Play a 6S pack and let'er rip, the Typhon is really a blast on pavement. It features a lot of power and usually handles very well when ripping round the street.

Grass: In comparison with other eighth scale buggies, the Typhon did all right in a nutshell to medium length grass. No, it will not undergo grass like its bigger cousin the Nero, however with its big power and 4wd, it got through shorter grass without issue.

Tires: The dBoots tires did an excellent job during the race track. On hard packed grime they gave excellent forward bite and didn't put on too rapidly. Additionally they did a good job on pavement, even though they used a lot more rapidly. The stock tires weren't suitable to grass and loamy grime, but nonetheless got the Truck moving in an acceptable manner.

Power: Among the new upgrades around the 2016 Typhon is its speedo and motor. May be the new Typhon more effective compared to old model? Yes indeed it's, noticeably so. No, it's not geared a great deal taller, actually it tops out comparable speed, however the bigger motor offers quite a bit more torque available whatsoever revoltions per minute ranges. The additional torque is equally as noticeable from the grinding halt because it is when stabbing the throttle when moving around at 30 miles per hour. The additional torque also arrived handy when powering from corners, which makes it simple to absolutely rocket from an apex. Oh ya, the additional rip also makes it simple to in excess of-jump short term doubles. When operate on 4S the brand new Typhon demonstrated to possess ample turn on tap, when operate on 6S, its electricity only agreed to be plain stupid.

Radio: We're generally fans from the big RC Trucks. We experienced no glitching, it had more range than we're able to use, also it felt good in a multitude of hands. The Strategies is very light also it runs for any lengthy time on the cheap group of AA batteries.

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