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RC Hummers

Axial Racing once more trigger to create the planet burning using their new RC Hummers. While using proven Yeti platform of 4wd having a solid rear axle, the Hummers Truck is built to bring true scale realism towards the 1/tenth truck market. Did they hit the objective? Could it be a great basher? Will it have a hit and never break? Continue reading to see what we should discovered after days of beating on one.

What's Required To Complete: Very little, you'll require a battery for that truck, a charger, and 4 AA batteries for that transmitter.

Quality: Whenever we first cracked the18 wheeler as they are we let our Party Crew inspect it from front to rear. No, we didn't find any set up problems. The shocks were well filled and never dripping, we didn't find any over or under tightened screws, and also the gear mesh was good.

Test Venues: St Louis Dirtburners eighth scale track, Minnie Ha Ha park, Castlewood Condition Park, a skate park in Arnold MO, along with a CostCo parking area.

Set-up Notes: We didn't make any changes towards the truck and ran it box stock, that is the way we love to to check automobiles. For that transmitter we sprang in four AA Duratrax cells. For truck batteries we used a 2S Duratrax Onyx 5000, basically we used a MaxAmps 5450 when driving on 3S. Charging responsibilities were solely handled with a TrakPower VR-1.

Turning: We discovered that the Hummers Truck displayed lots of steering. Whether or not this was grass, grime, or pavement, the leading tires did a great job of going where pointed. The stock tires don't provide a lot of side-bite, which at occasions left the trunk from the truck wandering around (combined with the straight axle & locked rear diff) in corners on slicker surfaces, but overall the18 wheeler handles corners well. On trails it felt accurate, while in the track decent laps might be switched, although with relaxing not to obtain the rear too loose.

Jumping: The entire solid rear axle and locked diff formula established fact for jumping nose low and also the Hummers Truck wasn't any exception. When driven on 3S (and maintaining your throttle absolutely WFO) it had been easy to keep your truck level, nevertheless its normal attitude when airborn would be a slight endo. The18 wheeler did perform a good job pounding up rutted jump faces, nevertheless its somewhat soft suspension easily bottomed when landing from bigger jumps.

Bumps/Whoops: I was big fans with the way the Hummers Truck handled the rough. Its suspension had lots of travel, but better yet, it had realistic travel. Using the truck geared enjoy it is (more about that later) its suspension looked as being a full scaler when pounding a lengthy type of whoops.

On-Road: Not a chance, the Axial never was created for on-road use, what little we did drive it on pavement we'd a great time. Yes, it will traction roll every so often and it is top speed is certainly not to create home about, however if you simply from time to time drive on pavement, you'll have a great time using the Hummers Truck.

Grass: The Hummers Truck did a fantastic job in moderately tall grass. Its tires did a great job in grass which solid rear axle with locked diff just stored on pushing it through taller sections. No, due to its size it can't cope with grass in addition to a much bigger vehicle just like a Yeti XL, however for a tenth scaler it did a fantastic job.

Tires: What's to not like concerning the tires? They appear epic, they're fairly soft, plus they put on very gradually. They offer their finest traction on greater bite surfaces, but work remarkably nearly anywhere.

Power: Ok, so this is actually the scoop. The Yeti Hummers Truck is geared reduced compared to normal Yeti. How low? We clocked it at 17 miles per hour on 2S and 25 miles per hour on 3S. We felt the rateOrenergy was pretty called for that normal trail driving we all do, actually, much better than the Yeti Rock Racer, but even on 3S it didn't have sufficient speed for track driving or general bashing. Around the trails the ability was ideal for picking wrinkles, easing over rocks, and gripping over small tree branches lounging around the park floor. To boil it lower, the ability is okay for any brushless system geared enjoy it is- it's nice snap from the bottom (without any cogging) and solid mid-range pull, however it sure does sign off early up top. If speed is the factor, it's important to re-gear or just opt for the Yeti Rock Racer.

Radio: We're fans from the incorporated Tactic radio, liking it greater than the conventional Hobbico RTR transmitter that's found along because of so many different items. Ergos are nice, range is great, so we never possessed a glitch regardless of the sort.

Damaged Parts: Whenever a vehicle turns up to the offices by having an Axial emblem onto it, it will acquire some serious abuse. The Hummers Truck required some serious licks and stored on ticking. Through the finish of testing we did have the ability to discontinue the leading bumper and also to pop the trunk driveshaft.

Ya know, body clips get constant use by consumers, therefore, the reason they shouldn't suck. The models which come around the Hummers Truck have nice pull tabs which are much better than you'll find of all RTRs.

I was big on how the human body around the Hummers Truck came off. It simply makes everything simpler to operate on.

Indeed, that body. It's gorgeous. Whomever designed that factor needs a raise. But. it's heavy, very heavy. Now, you are able to mark that like a downside, everything weight at any height does result in the truck roll more than ever before. Or measure the level like a plus, because it enables to truck to sway a lot more like its full scale brethren, permitting it to help keep a scale appearance even if being driven around the trail.

Let's focus on a thing concerning the stock battery strap. The stock plastic piece that keeps your pack in position are only able to be modified for height by getting rid of 4 screws. What this means is should you switch between different sized packs, it's important to remove 4 screws to do this. We didn't switch packs much, however when we did we wanted old-fashioned Velcro have been used.

The on/off switch is positioned at the end rear from the truck, a location you do not typically see. It really is easy to get at so we didn't have an issue with its location.

Our testers had hardly any to say of the stock servo, which obviously is a superb factor. It had lots of torque for general bashing, even though not fast, had enough speed to complete the job too.

Want to speak about mind turners? Everywhere we went people instantly fell deeply in love with the way the RC army Hummers looked. The racers types couldn't help but gawk.

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