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Nitro RC Trucks

Gas or Nitro RC Trucks provide realism and speed, and it is suggested for skilled hobbyist who wish to experience different things from planet. Typically the most popular gas cars today would be the cheap and fast nitro touring cars, and cheap Nitro RC Trucks!

Picture of gas touring fast Nitro RC Trucks.These act like electric touring cars, however with more power and a pair of-speed transmission. At 190mm, these cars are slightly narrower and smaller sized compared to 200mm models.

These best Nitro RC Trucks are tamer in performance as in comparison to at least oneOreighth scale on-road gas, but nonetheless able to speeds more than 50mph.

Performance in the track is comparable to their electric counterparts. At twisty turns, electrics are often faster. However, the two-speed transmission enables gas touring cars to attain greater top speeds.

Combines the rate and power a 3.5cc engine with the running in off-road conditions. These buggies need and employ 4WD to transfer the strength of the three.5cc engines towards the track. Sticky rubber tires supply the much-needed grip.

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