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Like a kid, I loved Monster RC Trucks. What young boy didn't? If this found the RC hobby and also the need to relive the Monster RC Trucksexperience in your own home, your best option around was the Tamiya Clod Buster. Other trucks adopted right after such as the Tamiya Bull Mind, Kyosho USA-1, Tamiya Juggernaut and TXT-1, but gradually with time, the once huge monster truck segment began to fade. It was not until later when Tamiya relaunched the Clod Buster that things began to consider off again. Despite the trucks coming out and in production and healthy aftermarket support, there is still one major frustration for each Tamiya owner. Someone required to develop a decent and sturdy wheel. Pro-Line, pretty much noted for its selection of wheels and tires, has clarified the phone call. You are able to thank the current solid axle Monster RC Trucks electric craze, that has incorporated lots of homespun versions, of these new wheels. In RC, where there's demand, you will see supply-eventually. Well, these are.

You can observe the main difference with what the (stock) and (17.5mm) offset gives both automobiles. Once the (stock) offset is on, the entire vehicle measures at 14.5in. wide. Once the (17.5mm) offsets are set up, the entire vehicle measures in a wide stance of 16 inches. Note: not one other wheel wideners are utilized here. Using the 17.5mm off set wheels installed, the steering position changes and will get sharper on automobiles. Very noticeable around the AR60 axles. The general footprint and handling seemed to be enhanced, as suspected. The stock offset wheels still carried out well on axles, however when it found the AR60 axle our STRC steering linkage did rub around the stock offset wheels. This wasn't an issue before with my older stock clod wheels and stock Axial steering linkage. This doesn't mean the 17.5mm offset may be the champion here overall, however if you simply are creating a AR60 Axial rig, the 17.5mm wheels are strongly suggested for the best performance. Hopefully this can help illustrate the visual difference which does impact performance based on what your opting for.

Initially when i first opened up the baggage towards the wheels, and extremely reached observe how everything went together, I had been impressed. Used to do, however, not anticipate investing in 40 small M2.5 x 10mm screws, but a minimum of you just do that once (unlike true bead-loc wheels). Apart from that, Pro-Line once more has hit the objective, so when you combine all of them with the Destroyer tires launched this past year, situations are searching up for that monster truck fans. I really hope the segment sticks around for some time because it's an enjoyable experience and brings me to if this all started.

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